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Top Locksmith Services Bridgeport, CT 203-433-3668Small, sturdy, and in general worry-free to use, it is quite natural to forget about your keys. We operate them almost unconsciously because we are sure they will function as expected. Now, like everything else, these too are prone to breakage. You realize this only when you find that the key broke in lock. Like every other day you turn the key in the lock and voila something gives! You look down to see what happened and you only have the key head in your hands! You find that it is still inside the body of the lock. If your key broke in lock, never try to extract the pieces yourself and avail help!

Do not fret, because Top Locksmith Services team is around, all across Bridgeport, CT area. Just go ahead and call us!

Key broke in lock - why does it happen?

The reasons might be many. We tend to become negligent regarding our keys and locks. Only when you realize that the key broke in  lock do you admit how dependent you are on the normal functioning of lock mechanisms. Rusting of the internal components of the lock, presence of dirt and grime restricts the movement of the key. Age and design fault can also make the key to snap. With experts on the job, extractions of the broken part of the key become possible. When it comes to the design faults there might be two major reasons why your key broke in lock. These are the following:

  1. Weak points : The key itself might have certain weak points in the form of grooves and deep cuts. Cracks will originate on such points following long-term use. Obviously, at some point it will snap.
  2. Design material : This generally happens in your hardware store locks and keys. Being cheap, the material used for designing these is not robust. As such, the products are not suitable for regular use.

Don't wait to call experts when your key broke in lock

With over 10+ years of experience in the service area, we can say for sure that most of the complications when your key broke in lock arise from botched DIY interventions. If you do not try to manipulate things, our team can easily resolve the problem. Any measure that you take to extract the broken part of the key from the lock only makes it go deeper. We use specialized tools to extract it in no time.

If your key broke in lock, call us on 203-433-3668 today for a damage-free extraction and repairs!